What Is The Difference Between Ancestry And Family Tree Maker?

difference between ancestry and family tree maker

Genealogy is a term of knowing about your family history. Ancestry and family tree maker (FTM) both are most popular genealogy programs that people used to make their family tree. In this article, we will tell you the difference between ancestry and family tree maker. So that you can easily choose the best genealogy program for you.

Ancestry vs Family Tree Maker

Please check some points that clear you what is the difference between ancestry and family tree builder.

Website vs Program

The first major difference between ancestry and family tree builder is ancestry is a website and family tree maker a software.

Subscribe vs Purchase

If you use ancestry then you need to take ancestry subscription because it is a website. On other hand, to use family tree maker you need to purchase it. Using family tree creator is a onetime investment whenever for ancestry you need to pay a monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription.

Online vs Offline

To use ancestry, you need to have an active internet connection. It is a drawback of ancestry without internet you can’t use ancestry. And it’s opposite, to use family tree maker, you don’t need any active internet connection. You can use family tree maker on your computer without any internet.

Books And Charts vs MyCanvas Vs Publish

In ancestry, you have limited printing option whenever if you use pedigree maker you have many printing options and publishing options. You can print only 4 generations of the chart that you can view on a profile page in ancestry.

In family tree maker you have almost 37 different charts and reports that provide you a wide range. You can use these charts and reports in a book.

If you are still reading it means you like this article. In this article, you have learned the difference between both genealogy program.

Now, we will tell you some unique features of family tree maker. Please check.

Family Tree Maker Unique Features

Here, we give some unique features that you should know about.

  • Backing up family tree
  • Map creation and place management
  • Organization source citations
  • Cleaning duplicate facts and sources
  • Notes creation
  • Merging family tree
  • Printing options

These are some unique features that you will get with family tree maker software.

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