How to Manage Relationships in Family Tree Maker 2019?

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You can utilize the manage connections tool to categorize connections by kinds, such as Partner or Spouse, Adopted or Biological, and so forth, as well as relationships between parents and their children. With a few clicks, you can switch between different relationship types for one connection at a time or multiple relationships simultaneously.

Managing Relationships in Family Tree Maker 2019 (Mac and Windows)

The manage relationships tool in FTM 2019 allows you to manage relationships. Here’s how to manage numerous relationships at once or change different relationship types:

Open Your Tree:

  • Make sure your family tree is open in Family Tree Maker.

Access the Manage Relationships Tool:

  • Go to the Edit menu.
  • Choose Manage Relationships.

Backup Your Tree:

  • Whenever you are prompted, create a full backup of your tree file. If you make any significant changes, it is a good idea to back up first.

Select Relationship Type:

  • Select the desired relationship type from the Show Relationships drop-down box in the Manage Relationships dialog.
  • By applying different criteria, you can filter ties between parents and their children and relationships between spouses using the Manage Ties tool. Among these requirements are:
    • Spouse or Partner: For couples.
    • To distinguish between biological ties and those that are adopted.
    • Plus extra!
  • Whether it’s for one relationship at a time or several at once, you may easily switch between different types of relationships.
  • For instance, all couples with a marriage fact but a relationship type now set to “Unknown” can be filtered.

View Relationship Instances:

  • All relationships of the chosen type are shown in the Relationship Instances list.
  • Besides the list header, the total number of instances is also included.

Choose Relationships to Update:

  • To alter the type of relationship, check the box next to each relationship.
  • The Select All checkbox can update every relationship in the list.
  • For easy navigation, you can click on the column headers (Person 1, Person 2, Parent, and Child) to alphabetically arrange the lists of persons.

Change Relationship Type:

  • Select the new relationship type you wish to have for the selected relationships from the Change selected relationships to this type pop-up menu.

Apply Changes:

  • Click Apply.
  • Remember that updating connection types could take time, particularly if you change them frequently. A progress indicator displays the process’s current state.
  • The chosen relationships are eliminated from the list after the modifications are finished. By selecting the new relationship type from the Show Relationships drop-down option, you can locate them once more.

Finish Up:

  • When you’re done, click Close.

Best Practices for Relationship Management

Effective genealogical research requires keeping family trees in Family Tree Maker 2019 accurate and well-organized. The following advice will assist you in achieving that:


The full price of FTM 2019 is $79.95; standard upgrade pricing is $59.95, and a special upgrade price of $49.95 is currently available. Take your budget into account and select the best solution for you.

Cloud Services Provided by TreeVault:

Software MacKiev is now providing FTM users with a new cloud service called TreeVault. It has several features.

  1. Emergency Tree™ Restore Service: maintains a current copy of your tree if something goes wrong, such as a hard disk crash.
  2. FTM Connect™: A free mobile app that shows your most recent FTM tree even while your computer is off. Available for iPad, iPhone, and soon Android. Useful for displaying family members in your tree.
  3. Historical Weather™: With over a billion historical weather records, Historical Weather FTM gives your family history more color.
  4. Next of Kin™: Choose a replacement for your TreeVault account so your family tree can be passed on.

Backup Plans:

For continuous tree backups, use the TreeVault Account; however, take into account other backup strategies as well. Software MacKiev advises backing up your FTM media folder using cloud file storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Apple iCloud. The size of the media folder may determine additional storage fees.

Companion Guide:

For comprehensive instructions on using Family Tree Maker 2019, go to the Companion Guide. It assists you in comprehending the capabilities and functionality of the software by covering a variety of topics. Go to FTM’s Help menu and choose “FTM 2019 Companion Guide” to access the Companion Guide.

Continual Backups:

Make new, complete backups of your trees before doing any updates or upgrades. This guarantees the security of your data and lets you restore your tree if necessary.

Maintain Software Updates:

Update FTM 2019 frequently to the most recent version. Updates address problems and enhance performance. FTM 2019 is accessible to users on Mac and Windows platforms. Keep in mind that consistent data entry, source citations, and cooperation with other family members are necessary to maintain accurate and well-organized family trees.

Bottom Lines

In particular, consider treating relationship alterations cautiously when working with family history data. You can view the official Software MacKiev support article for more comprehensive instructions. Happy handling!

For additional help, contact us at +1-781-243-4296 or via live chat at family tree makers support with our Family Tree Maker specialists.

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