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Do you want to use your family tree maker for multiple computers? Do you use FTM software? If so, continue reading to learn how to utilize a family tree creator on several computers. This post will walk you through using FTM on multiple computers. A Mac or Windows computer could be a combination operating system.

A well-liked genealogical tool for creating lineage trees is called Family Tree Maker. And how wonderful would it be to use the same family tree on several computers? Isn’t that right?

Make sure the tree on the new computer keeps updating your TreeVault Antenna Tree if you’re using TreeVault Cloud Services to transfer your FTM Source tree.

To move your tree file from one computer to the other, you must first download and install Family Tree Maker 2019 on each. You’ll need a removable storage device to move your files, such as an external hard drive, a thumb or flash drive, or a burnable CD or DVD. It can also be kept in the cloud or shared across a computer network.

Ways to Purchase a Family Pack for Several Computers

The website offers a family pack license for purchase. For example, there are two situations in which purchasing the family pack occurs when you want to add more devices to a license you already have or don’t have a permit for FTM 2019 and wish to purchase all three licenses simultaneously.

  1. To purchase the FTM 2019, go to
  2. Click “Buy Now“.
  3. There are three ways that you can purchase the Family Tree Maker 2019.

Do You Want to Buy a 3-Computer License?

If you want to use Family Tree Maker on more than one computer in your house, you can get a cost-effective Family Pack 3-Computer License for only $20 more than you would pay for a single computer license. For instance, a Family Pack for up to 3 PCs would only cost $89.95 ($69.95 + $20), compared to a single computer download of $69.95.

How it works:

  1. Family Tree Maker may be installed on a maximum of three PCs in your house.
  2. The three PCs could be any mix of Windows and Mac OS.
  3. If you are the only user of your desktop and laptop computers running the same operating system, you do not require a Family Pack. Since you only use one computer at a time, that is covered by a single computer license.

How to Use Family Tree Maker For Multiple Computers?

This section will walk you through using a family tree creator on several PCs.

For First Computer:

On the first computer, kindly follow the instructions:

  1. Launch FTM 2019 on the PC using the existing FTM source tree.
  2. Ensure that your family tree is backed up.
  3. Navigate to the backup file’s location and transfer the file to your flash drive.
  4. While doing all of this, unplug the flash drive from your computer.

With The Second Computer:

  1. Turn on the computer to which you wish to move your family tree creator. Next, place the flash drive with the family tree creator into it.
  2. Transfer the backup file to your computer’s hard drive from the USB drive.
  3. To open FTM 2019, click the File menu and select Restore.
  4. Go to the directory where the backup file was saved. Click Open after selecting the file.
  5. A dialogue box labeled “Save” will then appear. Decide where you wish to save your tree on your hard drive. To restore your tree from the backup, click the Save button. Family Tree Maker will open with the corrected tree.
  6. Verify that the account you used to create the antenna tree on the first computer is the one you use to log in. Click Cancel if you are currently connected to another TreeVault account.
  7. On the far left of the main toolbar, select the tree by clicking the pop-up menu, and then choose Tree Browser. The window for the Tree Browser opens.
  8. In the Tree Browser window, select TreeVault on the left, then click Next in the window’s lower-right corner.
  9. To find the FTM Source Tree, click the button.
  10. Select your tree from the Results for FTM Source Tree column. Verify that the tree you selected is the one you restored in step five. Use as Source Tree should be chosen from the drop-down option.

This is the method for using a family tree creator across several computers. In addition, you can contact the family tree makers support number if you have any questions about the product. You will receive the most significant assistance from our team of expert technicians. For additional help, contact us at +1-781-243-4296 or via live chat at with our Family Tree Maker specialists.

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