What It macOS Sonoma Compatibility For Family Tree Maker?

macOS compatibility for family tree maker

Last year on 26 September, Apple released macOS Sonoma (Version 14). It is the upgraded version. In this article, we will explain you macOS Sonoma Compatibility for Family Tree Maker. So, if you want to use this then read this post before using this.

macOS Sonoma Compatibility For Family Tree Maker 2019

Let’s check the compatibility for FTM 2019.

FTM 2019 (24.2.2)

It is the free update of the latest version of FTM 2019. If you use FTM 2019 24.2.2 free update then it’s good because macOS is fully compatible with FTM 2019 free update 24.2.2, so you can easily use this without any hassle.

FTM 2019 version 23.3

Most of the people are still using Family Tree Maker 2019 (FTM 2017) for creating family tree. If you are using FTM 2017 then you can use macOS Sonoma but you can only open this.

FTM Mac 3.1

Mac 3.1 is compatible with macOS Sonoma but with issues like export is not working.

FTM 1, 2, and 3

If you are using FTM version 1, 2, and 3 then don’t use macOS Sonoma because is not compatible with macOS Sonoma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is family tree maker compatible with Mac?

Answer: Yes, family tree maker 2019 is compatible with Mac as well as with Windows.

Question: What are the system requirements for family tree maker?

Answer: If you want to use family tree maker then your computer should have the given configuration.
Operating system should be Windows 7 or later.
Hard disk should be 900MB with 2 GB RAM (4GB recommended)
Screen resolution should be 1024 X 768.

Question: Can I upgrade Family Tree Maker 2012 to 2019?

Answer: Yes, you can easily upgrade your Family tree maker 2012 to 2019.

Question: Is there any family tree maker 2024 available?

Answer: The company Mackiev announced that FTM 2024 is coming soon but did not declare the released date yet.

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