Orange Sync Weather Issues in FTM

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Users have been complaining to us about sporadic sync difficulties. We have placed the note below in the sync weather report as guidance. We will update this message as soon as we have taken steps to resolve the issue.

You might not have an option but to wait till the issue has been fixed if you try to sync when the weather is orange and fail every time. Come to our live chat if you need to sync right away so we can look over your sync logs and try to troubleshoot. However, depending on the specific problem, there might be nothing else we can do but wait.

What Is Informed About Your Family Tree Sync by Each Sync Report?

As we previously explained, every color of the sync report provides a unique report about your family tree. Check out the sync report to see what each hue indicates.

  • Green sync weather report: If your family tree sync is green, everything is good, and there are no issues.
  • Orange sync weather report: If your sync weather report is orange, some problems with your family tree sync must be fixed.
  • Red sync weather report: This is the third sync weather report released. If your sync weather report is red, you should quickly resolve any serious issues with your family tree synchronization.

In addition, there are a few crucial suggestions for you to follow when synchronizing your family tree. Kindly make sure they are checked.

  • Sync: Please backup your family tree before proceeding if you absolutely must sync it now. If you are unable to sync, try again an hour later.
  • Uploads and Downloads: You should refrain from uploading and downloading new content if you are experiencing any sync weather reports, as you could lose your data.

Three Causes for the FTM Sync Problem With Ancestry

We’ll list a few of the typical causes in this piece. Please take a moment to study these and comprehend the cause of the genealogy and family tree creator sync problem.

Modified the details of your profile

The family tree maker may have stopped syncing with Ancestry if you changed your profile and tried logging in using the old information. Your family tree will no longer sync with Ancestry if, for example, you changed your email address and are now using the old one.

Making Use of Expired Antivirus

Please periodically check and update your antivirus software because it may cause a communication breakdown between the family tree maker and the internet if it is expired. Moreover, you can remove or uninstall the outdated antivirus.

Check Out The Mackiev Update

Mackiev sends you updates now and then. Thus, be sure to check for notifications of updates. Should you be utilizing an outdated version, this could be why your family tree creator isn’t syncing with Ancestry.

Orange Sync Weather Conditions

You may take a few actions to troubleshoot Family Tree Maker and if you’re having problems with sync orange weather, specifically with the Orange sync status.

  • Check your internet connection: Before you sync your Family Tree Maker software with, be sure you have a reliable online connection. Discontinuous or sluggish internet access can lead to sync problems.
  • Check your login information: Verify that your username and password to access your Family Tree Maker account on are accurate. Verify again for any mistakes or inaccurate data that might impede the synchronization.
  • Upgrade your program: Make sure your computer runs the most recent Family Tree Maker version. Bug fixes and synchronizing functionality enhancements are frequently included in updates. Go to the Family Tree Maker software’s update section or the official website to download and install any available updates.
  • Restart your PC and Family Tree Maker: A straightforward restart can occasionally fix momentary sync problems. To check if the sync issue still exists, close Family Tree Maker, restart your computer and relaunch the program.
  • Verify the status of Periodically, may encounter server problems or maintenance windows that impact synchronization. To see whether there are any known outages or current maintenance, visit the website or their help page. Should there be a recognized problem on their end, you could hold off till it’s fixed.
  • Consult with Family Tree Maker help: You should contact the Family Tree Makers Support staff if the sync issue persists. They can offer advice and support in resolving the Orange Sync problem. For additional help, visit their official website or contact their support channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remember that the troubleshooting procedures may change depending on the Family Tree Maker version you are using. Now, look at a few of the commonly asked questions.

Has Family Tree Maker been phased out?

Although Family Tree Maker is still functional, you must update your previous version to newer versions, such as Family Tree Maker 2017 or Family Tree Maker 2019.

In what way may I improve my family tree maker?

First, register in Mackiev to update your family tree maker. From the help drop-down menu, select the “about” option. Check your program version before updating your family tree builder to see if any updates are available.

Does FamilySearch and Family Tree Maker sync?

Family Tree Maker automatically searches the FamilySearch database.

After applying the update, should I try again if syncing failed while the sync weather was orange?

Yes, after installing the update, give it another go.

These were a few causes of your FTM Sync problem with Ancestry. So, periodically review each of these topics. Still, If you still have questions, call the Family Tree Makers Support helpline at +1-781-2434-296, which is a toll-free number. Additionally, you can get free assistance from our live chat feature. Our technicians are available around the clock to assist you.

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