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What Is A Family Tree Maker?

Discovering your family history can help you better understand who you are, where you’re from, and how each of your ancestors is related to the others, It’s a fascinating hobby. Locating this information was like finding a needle in a haystack not too long ago. Nevertheless, assembling your ancestor jigsaw is now effortless and pleasurable. Thanks to the most incredible family tree creators and genealogical websites.

A family tree maker is one tool that makes it easier to design and share your family tree online. It can be used to research your heritage, genealogy, and ancestry.

FTM, one of the top suppliers of online family history materials, also produced a software program known as Family Tree Maker. The customer support team at Family Tree Maker Support assists users with software-related problems, including installation, updates, synchronization, and troubleshooting. They can be reached by phone, live chat, or remote help.

Family Tree Maker has various versions, including 2014, 2017, and 2019. Family Tree Maker 2019 is the most recent edition in 28 September 2019. It now offers enhanced performance, historical maps, color labeling, and DNA integration, among other new features.

Who Provides Family Tree Makers Support?

The software Family Tree Maker assists you in creating your family tree and has various support sources. is one of them; it provides free family tree maker phone numbers and live chat assistance. Software MacKiev, the official developer of Family Tree Maker, is another. What sort of assistance are you seeking?

Live Chat Support

Select the chat option in the right corner to begin conversing with the support staff. Therefore, it is right there if you are waiting for the rescue squad to save you from your current situation. Click the Chat option to begin a conversation with specialists for a simple solution.

Call Support

The support team for the Family Tree Make program is just a phone call away for users. Yes, it’s that simple to receive support right now. Call our toll-free number +1-781-243-4296 if you need help or have questions about using this family tree generator program. And how to resolve issues with ancestry login.

Remote Support

Every issue has a different degree of severity, and more severe problems occasionally need specialized assistance, like remote help. The level of support among all is far higher. With Remote Support, we can walk you through the FTM procedure even if you are stuck.

Key Features of Family Tree Maker

The app’s main UI is divided into tabs. A pedigree view is the traditional tree that returns from left to right. This works well for exploring the tree, adding new family members, and obtaining a fast overview. The family view comes next, focusing on a single person and displaying their parents, spouse, and kids.

You can move between these people and edit them from this screen using the arrow keys. The name list, a straightforward table with names, genders, birth dates, and other information, comes next. By selecting the column headers, you can add, remove, and sort the fields in the list. While Individual provides all the details on a single person, the Descendants tab allows you to select an individual and view their direct lineage to the present day.

The software excels at what it does, and these days, it’s hard to find a tool solely focused on one task without adding unnecessary features. Though the tooltips for the toolbar are crucial, there are a few awkward aspects of the interface, such as the requirement to add siblings as children of parents rather than brothers or sisters. Who would have guessed?

Family Tree Maker Versions

Using Family Tree Maker, you may design and maintain your family tree. The software comes in multiple versions, each with unique upgrades and features. FTM 2024, the most recent edition, was made available in January. AlbumWALK®, TreeVault Cloud Services, and Family Tree Maker Connect are just a few of its many new features. FTM 2019, FTM 2017, FTM 2014, FTM 2012, FTM 2010, and FTM 16 are the earlier iterations.

Family Tree Maker Versions

Released Date

FTM 1.0


FTM 2010

19 August 2009

FTM 2011

31 August 2010

FTM 2010 Mac Version

4 November 2010

FTM 2012

29 September 2011

FTM 2014

10 September 2013

FTM 2017

16 July 2017

FTM 2019

29 September 2019

What is Family Tree Maker 2019?

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, (FTM) 2019 was launched on September 29. With the genealogical program FTM 2019, you may compile, arrange, and distribute your family history. It offers functions like trimming profile pictures, synchronization, FamilySearch suggestions, and more. The most popular genealogy program in the world is now in its most recent version. You may buy it on a USB3, DVD, or online. The standard upgrade price is $59.95, the special upgrade price is $49.95, and the total cost is $79.95.

FTM 2019 Features

Many useful new tools are included in Family Tree Maker 2019. Most will assist you with data preservation, media, and organizing.

Cloud Services Provided by TreeVault

Family Tree Maker may be used on devices other than laptops and desks, thanks to TreeVault Cloud Services. With this function, you may sync your work with apps on your phone or tablet and save it in the cloud. Preserving your research is quick and straightforward with TreeVault Cloud Services. It facilitates the dissemination of your knowledge and its preservation for upcoming generations. 

FTM Link

The Family Tree Maker 2019 mobile app is called Family Tree Maker Connect. It functions on Android and Apple gadgets, including the iPad and iPhone. Your computer’s research is synchronized in real-time using FTM Connect. You can still view your work even if FTM 2019 is not open. Because of this, it’s an excellent tool for working together and sharing research with loved ones.

Past Weather

One of the most intriguing new features in Family Tree Maker 2019 is Historical Weather. The instrument stores more than a billion historical weather records. Historical Weather might help you visualize significant occasions in your family’s past.

Next of Kin

In genealogy, a chain of custody is significant. You can designate who will inherit your work with the Next of Kin tool. You’ll get a certificate that can be included in your will and has all the details your heir needs. The Next of Kin is an essential element that lets you safeguard your research. It also enables the people you care about to continue enjoying it in the future.

Tree Browser

Tree Browser maintains track of all files, including GEDCOMs and trees. It is inconvenient when you can’t find a file. It functions by looking for Family Tree Maker files on your computer and presenting identifying information about them so you can choose which project to work on.

Astute Filters

Smart filters were introduced in Family Tree Maker 2017 and upgraded to the latest edition. By making lists of individuals, Family Tree Maker 2019 allows you to maintain organization among all the members of your tree. Lists can then have criteria added to them, defining them for specific characteristics.


The darkroom is an effective and potent tool. It’s straightforward to repair family photos with a basic editing suite. Even faded photos can be restored to their original clarity in the darkroom. It’s a beautiful tool that helps you recall your ancestors how they should be.

Introducing New Family Tree Maker 2024 - Coming Soon

Family Tree Maker is a program that has been around for 35 years and has many incredible iterations. The most recent edition, Family Tree Maker 2019, has several incredible features. It took a long time for its new edition, FTM 2024, to be released, but it will happen shortly. Additionally, it is available for a three-day-only discounted price of $29 can be purchased.

New Features in FTM 2024

A ton of new features of Family Tree Maker 2024 will be released.

Connect Workspace:

Maintaining communication with family members is made easy with this tool. The new Connect workspace makes sharing the family tree with the desired relatives easy. To start, open the FTM Connect mobile app on an Apple or Android device. You can add a related recommendation that will be attached to the tree straight away if you find something worth sharing. After that, TreeVault will help the sticky note quickly appear in the FTM tree. It also helps with automatic progress monitoring.


AlbumWalk is also known as “a game changer” because it simplifies the process of capturing memories in photos. For iOS and Android smartphones, it is a free mobile application that makes memory recording easier. It’s also relatively simple to create interactive talking photos. To complete the task, simply click on the person’s face in the image and provide their description. You have to speak and move on to the next after that. It’s also simple to create a mini-documentary. You can watch the talking picture file using the AlbumWalk player.

Easily Readable:

This function will be greatly appreciated by those whose eyes grow so tired that they are always looking for anything. Using this capability, you can extend others’ workstations to a broader region. It may be easily stretched back to its original size when you’re done.

New Tools for Photo Darkrooms:

This feature allows you to purposefully delete old family photos, which helps preserve the images. As such, it can require cropping in addition to a variety of contemporary restoration tools that help with dust and scratch removal.

FTM Connect 2.0:

It makes communication easier with all possible family members. It’s simple to use guest access. This makes it simple for you to view the tree on your phone or tablet. This edition makes it simple to locate the information, which contains relationships, person and study notes, and site links. Consequently, you can access your Family Tree Maker collection straight from the app, which contains many well-known trees like Alexander Hamilton and Luke Skywalker.

Resource Center:

This makes it simple and quick for you to contact an expert to further your research. As a result, a range of resources will help you with your research. All you have to do is find the local Family Tree Maker user group.

Co-Pilot 2024:

It started with FTM 2017 to guarantee a seamless transition for all new users. This functionality can also be used to create the initial Album Walk page. Given that it is free and rapid, you can utilize it for setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Indeed! You can use the iPad software by using the FTM Connect tool.

Software MacKiev’s web store offers Family Tree Maker for download.

You can buy a USB version of the product or a downloadable copy of the software. You can order your program now that you have these two possibilities.

Family Tree Maker is a paid, offline program. Ancestry is a subscription website. Family Tree Maker is more capable even though they both offer comparable features. It allows you to back up your data and offers you more control.

Regarding the most recent version of the Family Tree Maker software, the most recent version is FTM 2019 update 24.2. 2.

Open the Family Tree Maker Menu and select the Preferences list. In the General tab’s settings menu, you can change the New Tree File’s Default Location.

To guarantee that synchronization happens automatically, auto-sync is turned on.

Because Family Tree Maker is installed on your computer, you may use it without an online connection.

Maintaining your MacFamilyTree 9 or 8 installation is unnecessary if you are using MacFamilyTree 10. Thank you. Simply remove the “MacFamilyTree 8. x” file from the “Applications” folder.

Visit for more details, including our online store, if you’re brand-new to Family Tree Maker and haven’t used a prior version. We provide upgrade discounts for Family Tree Maker users upgrading from FTM 2017 or a previous version.

When Family Tree Maker 2024 is published later this year, customers who order the most recent version will now be required to download version 2019 and receive a complimentary copy of the software on a USB drive.

With the free Family Tree Maker Connect app for iPad, iPhone, and Android, you can see your most recent FTM tree whenever and wherever you choose, even without a computer.

Adding a source to FTM is simple with the aid of the source workspace or the person’s workspace.

To buy the program, visit If you would like help with the Family Tree Maker software, call them at Family Tree Maker support number +1-781-243-4296.

You can get a new digital PDF Companion Guide in the Help menu of FTM 2019. We have designed a unique icon to help you quickly identify the newest features and enhancements in this edition. The most popular articles are those that are displayed on the home page, but you may also use keywords or topics to search our assistance site.

Whether you have a membership or not, your trees will stay in your Ancestry account until you remove them.

A genealogy website called publishes private data online. You must complete Ancestry’s online opt-out procedure and get an email confirming your request to unsubscribe. Your account will be instantly deleted.

It’s critical to regularly update software, create data backups, and follow structured file management procedures.

If you need help with anything more than self-troubleshooting, please get in touch with FTM’s customer service, which is listed in the article above.

Software MacKiev is currently the vendor and supporter of Family Tree Maker.

Family Echo stands out because it is free to use, making it convenient for budget-tight users.


We are a group of internet technicians that offer services; we are not connected to MacKiev or any other companies. We simply provide technical assistance at the phone number for family tree maker. Consequently, any use of names, trademarks, products, or services belonging to third parties is restricted to referential use. Currently, disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement from outside parties. The software supplier could offer free assistance and servicing if a software warranty covers your product. You may always verify and visit their website for free support and help. If you want to be successful with any brand, you can also ask our customer care specialist for assistance in providing your software details.

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