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Family Tree Maker 2019 is an excellent program for tracking ancestral information; however, missing media or broken files can be very disturbing. This article will describe ways to identify and fix missing media and corrupt files in FTM 2019 so that you have a pleasant and smooth experience tracing your ancestors.

Identifying Missing Media and Corrupt Files

Before getting to solutions, you must understand the signs of missing media and corrupted files in FTM 2019. These problems will be displayed as missing links to images, documents, or other media files within your family tree. Moreover, errors and unexpected behavior can happen if you try to access or view certain elements.

Causes of Missing Media and Corrupt Files

Before talking about the various ways to fix missing media we need to discuss the causes of the same. Several factors can contribute to it including:

1. Incomplete Data Transfer: Problems may arise when the family tree data is imported or transferred, resulting in missing or damaged media files.

2. Storage Errors: FTM cannot identify media files if they reside in modified, moved, or deleted locations.

3. Software Glitches: Data corruption or loss can sometimes occur because of FTM 2019 software bugs or compatibility problems.

4. External Factors: Hardware malfunctions, system crashes, and erroneous shutdowns may cause damaged or missing files.

Troubleshooting Missing Media

To address and fix this issue, follow these steps:

1. Check File Locations: Ensure that the media files associated with your family tree are located correctly and have not been moved or deleted.

2. Re-Import Media: If media files have gone missing due to an incomplete data transfer process, you can try to import the files again from the sources or backup locations.

3. Update File Paths: For those media files that have been relocated, the file paths should be updated in FTM to match the new locations. This is often achieved via the software’s media management tools.

4. Repair File Associations: Use FTM’s built-in repair link and association between files and their relatives in your family tree.

Addressing Corrupt Files

When dealing with corrupt files in FTM 2019, try the following solutions:

1. Verify File Integrity: Use FTM’s file verification features to prove the integrity of your family tree data and the possibility of corrupted files.

2. Restore from Backup: Make it a habit to back up your family tree data and restore a previous backup to recuperate intact copies of the files you have lost.

3. Utilize Recovery Tools: Find suitable third-party data recovery software to restore corrupted files. This tool can recover information that is otherwise incomprehensible.

4. Contact Support: If you cannot fix the problem individually, call Family Tree Maker’s customer service team. They can give additional directions or help fix the corrupted files.

Preventing Future Issues

To minimize the risk of encountering missing media and corrupt files in the future, consider implementing the following best practices:

1. Regular Backups: Make sure you back up your information and media files regularly and store them elsewhere in case of unpredictable issues.

2. Organized File Management: Make sure your media files are well-organized and stored in a single place for quick access and conducive use.

3. Software Updates: Keep abreast of the hottest software updates and patches for Family Tree Maker to improve performance or prevent security risks.

4. Data Integrity Checks: Periodically perform an integrity check on your family tree data to ensure that you spot and fix all possible mistakes before they worsen due to neglect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if I find a media missing in FTM 2019?

Check your file locations and reimport media if needed. Look out for software updates and patches that fix compatibility problems.

How can I prevent data corruption in FTM 2019?

It is important to frequently back up the data, update the software, and implement organized file management practices.

What happens if I can’t fix the missing media problem myself?

For assistance beyond troubleshooting yourself, please contact FTM’s customer support, which is mentioned above in the article.

Do I need third-party utilities to recover infected files in FTM 2019?

Choose reliable data recovery software that supports advanced recovery techniques if you are an FTM user.

Will I be able to retrieve lost data without backups?

Recovery software or professional data recovery services can be a good option, but the extent of success will depend on the degree of data loss and file damage.

By implementing these steps and best practices, you can successfully detect and fix missing media or corrupt files in FTM 2019. We do this to make your family history research time-efficient and unproblematic. If you still have trouble with the procedure, please contact us at Family Tree Makers Support or use our toll-free number +1-781-243-4296.

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