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Family Tree Maker software works with a continuous line of descent from an ancestor. It aids in the researchers’ ability to arrange the data gathered and generate the required charts, reports, and occasionally even books using this data. Open the tree in a software program to create a descendant chart. Next, choose “PUBLISH.” Select the descendent chart in FTM after selecting the ‘CHART’ option. The time it takes to generate the report will depend on how many generation descendant reports there are.

Family Tree Maker has been ensuring their competence for years by changing the basic functionality and user interface. They released new upgrades to reduce tedious effort and increase the enjoyment of genealogy.

Family Tree Maker has a handy feature called color coding. It allows us to color individuals in a direct ascending line to make it easier to identify who is and is not “blood-related.” Being able to identify the distant lineage quickly is also helpful. Users of color coding can give a person or their ancestors up to four distinct colors.

With the addition of two new features, Family Tree Maker 2019 color coding is much better. You may now choose numerous colors for an individual and extend color coding to the ancestors of your ancestor.

Using Color Coding in FTM 2019

Using a visual tool called color coding, you can give some members of your family tree distinct hues. With this tool, you may more easily recognize ties, draw attention to crucial details, and enhance the visual beauty of your family tree.

Color Coding Features in Family Tree Maker 2019

Two new features have been added to color coding in FTM 2019. You can now:

1. Choose various colors for the person you are now using

You can now apply up to eight colors to the current person instead of just one. Choose the person you wish to highlight from the People workspace’s Tree tab, then click the Color Coding button above the editing panel. Select as many of the eight colors under Current Individual as you need to mark the individual with. To deselect a color, click it again.

2. Expand color coding to include descendants of ancestors.

All ancestors in a direct ascending line from the chosen individual are color-coded, just like in the previous edition. Each descendant of your ancestor can be colored. This makes it simple to determine “blood relatives quickly” and who married into the family, for example. You can also quickly determine which lineage more distant branches of the family belong to by selecting the four-color option. To expand color coding in this manner, simply tick the Include descendants of ancestors checkbox.

Changing Color Codes in FTM 2019

You can change the color codes in Family Tree Maker 2019 to fit your needs. Color schemes can be designed, hues can be described, and unique color codes can be stored for later use. This facilitates creating a unified and unique family tree visual representation.

Sharing Your Color-Coded Family Tree

You can share your color-coded family tree with others in several ways. Your tree can be exported as an HTML, PDF, or picture file. It can be shared online via social media or genealogical websites. This will enable you to present your family history research in an eye-catching manner.

How to Use Family Tree Maker 2019 Color Coding Features?

Please review these guidelines for using color coding in FTM 2019.

  • You can use the family tree maker program by clicking on the icon on your computer’s desktop.
  • The first icon in the upper bar’s right corner is for color coding.
  • Select the individual to whom you wish to add some color.
  • There are several options available to you.
  • If all you want to do is add some color to the current individual, you have to pick them first.
  • The current person will be colored by the color you select.

Bottom Lines

Family Tree Maker 2019’s new color coding tools offer a robust and user-friendly tool for improving your family tree. Individuals and groups of people can be coloured to help you quickly identify relationships, highlight critical information, and build family trees. For those interested in researching their family history and genealogy, Family Tree Maker 2019 is a fantastic option. Need Assistance? Chat live with one of our FTM Experts or give our Family Tree Makers Support Number +1-781-243-4296 a ring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Family Tree Maker 2019 color coding process?

In Family Tree Maker 2019, you must first choose the individual or group of individuals you wish to give a color to before you can create a color code. Next, perform a right-click on the people you’ve chosen, and then select “Color Coding” from the drop-down menu.

Which Family Tree Maker 2019 version is the most recent?

Regarding the most recent version of the Family Tree Maker software, the most recent version is FTM 2019 update 24.2. 2.

How can a color code be obtained?

Finding the hex color code for a particular image is made very simple by the abundance of free online color picker software. Usually, all you need to do is upload your photo to the color picker tool, choose a color pixel, or enter the URL of the image. The RGB values and hex color code will be provided.

What has Family Tree Maker 2024 added?

Launching in 2024, Family Tree Maker will include many new capabilities, including Connect Workspace. Record Walk. FTM Link 2.0.

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