3 Easy Steps To Do AncestryDNA Login

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Ancestry.com is a well-known name in genealogical world. It has one of the largest genealogical database and large number of family trees. With this, using AncestryDNA you can get the accurate result about your lineage. This article will guide you to show you a step-by-step process to AncestryDNA login.

3 Easy Steps For Ancestry DNA Login Account

Check the easy 5 steps to do Ancestry DNA login.

Step 1: Accessing the AncestryDNA Website

The first step is open any web browser like Chrome or Safari on your system. Then open ancestry home page. After this, click on sign in button given to the top right side.

Step 2: Logging In to Your AncestryDNA Account

Once you open the ancestry.com login page, enter your account credentials. Make sure, your account credentials (username and password) are correct.

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After entering your username and password, click on sign in button to ancestryDNA login.

Note: What if you forgot your ancestry account password? If you forgot your password then don’t worry, you can reset your new password by clicking the forgotten password option given just under the sign in button. To know how to reset your ancestry account password you can contact us anytime at our toll-free number +1-781-243-4296.

Step 3: Navigating Your AncestryDNA Account

After successfully login to your ancestryDNA account now it’s time to explore the world with ancestry.

In your ancestrydna account dashboard you will see various features such as DNA matches, exploring ethnicity and manage setting of your account.

Security Tips for Your AncestryDNA Account

Here, we give some security tips for your ancestry account that provide more security to your account.

Use Strong Passwords: Strong and unique password ensure you to protect your account from hackers.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): If you want more security for your account then enable two-factor authentication. After enabling two-factor authentication, you will get a code on your smartphone whenever you open your account.


AncestryDNA account provide you a facility to explore more about your family or ancestors. If you also welling to know about your lineage then you should try Ancestry DNA.

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