How to Sign in Ancestry Account?

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The biggest private internet genealogy database is With the use of virtual family trees, users can trace their ancestry and receive “hints” about potential forebears. It also has historical documents that can be linked to relatives and utilized as proof in genealogy. Some of Ancestry’s features require a paid subscription to access. Find out how much Ancestry costs.

How to Create a Free Ancestry Account?

So, let’s learn how to create a new account. By using your email address and Google or Apple credentials, you can register for a free Ancestry® account (sometimes called a Registered Guest account).

    • Sign up using your email address, Apple ID, or Google.

Signup via Google

After choosing an account or entering your phone number, click Next >. When prompted, enter your Google password and select Next > Verify it’s you >. After entering your details, choose “Create account.”

Signup via Apple

Put in your Apple ID here. Enter your Apple password, the Apple verification code, and your preference for email privacy (What is conceal my email?), and select whether or not to trust this browser when prompted. Choose to Proceed > Choose to Proceed > to confirm using your Apple ID with Ancestry. After entering your details, choose “Create account.” 

Signup via your email

Put your email address*, last name, and first name here. Enter the same email address again, make a new password, enter it again, and choose Create account. You will need to create a new email address if you don’t have one or if you share one with someone who has already created an Ancestry® account using it.

Passwords are case-sensitive, should not be common or well-known, and must:

    • Be at least eight characters

    • Contain at least 1 number

    • Contain one letter or special symbol

You can use some of family tree on Ancestry’s features as a free Registered Guest. Beyond what you currently know, a membership could assist you in adding to your family tree (s) and making further discoveries.

How to Sign in Ancestry Account?

    1. Select Sign in from the menu in the upper right corner of any Ancestry page.

    1. You or someone else may already be signed in if you don’t see a sign-in. Use the procedures for logging out and then signing back in to switch accounts.

    1. Use your email address, username, and password to log in to an Ancestry, Google, or Apple account.

Sign in using your login or email

Enter your password, username, and email here. Log in. (Need assistance creating your password? Check out how to reset a lost password.) Select “Remember this device” or not, then input the two-step verification code when asked. Send in the code.

Sign in using Google

Select Sign in with Google > Select an account to sign in with or use a different account if prompted > Tap Next > after entering your phone number or email. After entering your Google password, click Next >. Verify it’s you if someone asks. More assistance needed? Consult Google for assistance.

Sign in with Apple

    1. Select Log in using Apple > Put in your Apple ID here. Enter the Apple verification code and your Apple password, and if prompted, select whether or not to trust this browser. Select Continue to confirm that you are using your Apple ID with Ancestry. More assistance needed? Contact Apple for assistance.

    1. You have logged in. Have fun exploring Ancestry! Remember to log out of Ancestry when you’re finished if you signed in on a public computer or mobile device.

    1. So here are steps to sign out from your account

    1. Choose your name, username, or profile image in the upper-right corner of any Ancestry page, then click Sign Out.


The email address is already linked to an Ancestry account:

Ancestry accounts can only have one email address associated with them. In the event that you receive this message, log in with your Ancestry password and that email address (forgot your password? You can register using a different email address or refer to Resetting a Forgotten Password. One of you will need to use a different email address for Ancestry if you share an email address with someone. It costs nothing to create an email address.

You need help remembering your password:

See Resetting a Forgotten Password if you don’t know your password.

Not functioning password:

Try again after clearing your cache and cookies if you have reset your password, but it is still not functioning.

FAQs about ancestry com sign in

We have read the whole guide on how to create an ancestry account and sign in to it. So, let’s brush up on some of the commonly asked questions.

If I use Apple or Google to sign up for Ancestry, can I still use two-step verification?

Indeed. That being said, Ancestry will only ask for the two-step verification code if you log in with your email address, username, and password.

If Google took my profile photo, would it still be editable?

Indeed. By updating your profile photo, you can alter the picture that is connected to your Ancestry account at any time.

How do I create an account on Ancestry?

Use your email address, Apple, or Google to register. After choosing an account or entering your phone number, click Next >. When prompted, confirm that it’s you by entering your Google password, choosing Next, then entering your details and choosing Create account.

In what way can I grant access to my Ancestry app?

Click Invite in the upper-right corner of your tree. Click the Invite link to create a sendable link. Choose Email or Username to send a link to your tree by email.

In addition, if you have any questions concerning the product, you may get in touch with the family tree makers support number. Our team of skilled professionals will provide you with the most support. For more assistance, get in touch with our Family Tree Maker specialists by phone at +1-781-243-4296 or through live chat at

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