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A chat support assists you – There may be questions in your mind that require immediate attention. This can also be a typical situation for the other users. Whenever we obtain a new device or piece of software, we are excited to try it out. We occasionally fail even to read the software’s user manual. This zeal can frequently lead to a difficult circumstance, such as being caught in the middle of making a family chart.

Need Help?

Next, use the Family Tree Maker support software’s support page to establish a chat connection with the chat support team quickly. It is quick and effortless. Pick up your phone and dial the number without searching for a toll-free number. Simply select the chat option to initiate a conversation with the support staff. If you are waiting for a rescue squad to rescue you, it is right there.

Question Regarding Live Chat

Please elaborate on the chat support’s specifics. Indeed, without a doubt. What are my options for getting help via chat?

Visit as a first step.

This is the official help website for Family Tree Maker. Upon arrival, you’ll find a chat option in the lower right corner. Press that button. A fresh box will appear. After entering your information, select “Chat.” If you’ve made it this far, congrats! You’ve reached one of the most knowledgeable support teams that are ready to assist clients. Connecting the helpdesk’s essential product information is usually necessary.

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  1. How do I know if I have missed an update? Have been trying to use Family Search from the program I have installed for Family Tree Maker but it only comes up with No Data. Have been confused with what I need to update since last fall.

    • If you want to check the update for your family tree maker then click on help option. There you will see the update if any update available. If there is nothing, it means that you are using the latest version of family tree maker program. And for your familysearch, you can sync family tree maker with familysearch then it will show the data of your family tree. Although family tree maker automatically searches the familysearch database but if any reasons it does not connect then you can contact with the family tree maker support number.


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