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Family Tree Maker has been running for over 35 years and has revolutionized genealogy tools. Despite the accomplishment of Family Tree Maker 2019, Family Tree Maker 2024 will change how you approach genealogy. We will discuss everything in detail about what this new version offers regarding features and upgrades.

New Features in Family Tree Maker 2024

You will get various new features after the final Family Tree Maker 2024 launch. The FTM 2024 price has been released, and users can access it for just $29 for a three-day tenure. The team have not declared the final release date yet. Below, we have discussed all the features in detail:

1. Connect Workspace: Effortlessly work with family and researchers in the newly created Connect Workspace environment. Together, you can tell your family’s story, reveal research data, and co-construct your family tree in the present moment.

2. FTM Connect 2.0: Humanize the given sentence. Sync up through FTM Connect 2.0 and make working on your content from multiple devices easier. Maintain the ties to your family history no matter your destination.

3. AlbumWalk: Engage in nostalgic wandering with AlbumWalk, a motion-sensitive function that recreates your family photos. Group photos from previous generations and form them into a visual story without any difficulty.

4. Resource Center: Access various genealogical resources and research tools from the resource centre made available through the integrated Resource Center. From historical archives to expert advice, explore everything you need to extend your family tree and discover unexpected genealogy.

5. New Photo DarkRoom Tools: Unleash the maximum talent of your family photos with the Photo DarkRoom Tools that are now available. Maintain, enrich, and safeguard your favourite memories with cutting-edge composition functionalities and easy user control.

6. Easy on the Eyes: Incorporate a more friendly and more attractive display with the Easy on the Eyes feature. Set up the configuration of your workspace to be personalized so that you will be comfortable doing research of any duration.

7. Co-Piolet 2024: Explore and conquer the world of your family history in collaboration with Co-Piolet 2024. It is an engine that gives you all the advice and tips tailored to your needs and desires.

Who Can Purchase Family Tree Maker 2024 in advance?

Preorders are open to everyone. Imagine you are new to FTM and would like to begin storing your genealogical data there. You can still place a preorder. You can pre-order it for just $29.97 + tax right now. You can pre-order Family Tree Maker 2024 as a new account or as an existing user.

FTM 2024 System Requirements

FTM 2024 is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, just like its predecessor. Please review the system requirements listed below for the FTM 2024 program.

For Windows operating systems, Windows 10 or later should be the operating system. Your Windows operating system should be macOS Big Sur 11 or later, which includes macOS Sonoma 14.

A minimum of 2 GB of RAM is required; however, 4 GB of RAM is advised for optimal performance. You can easily use FTM 2024 on your computer if it meets the criteria listed above for your system.

How Can I Purchase Family Tree Maker 2024 at a Lower Cost?

Here, we’ll walk you through simple steps to get FTM 2024 for less money. Take the steps, then.

    • You will see the provided window on your computer screen when you click the provided link.

    • You can readily verify here that the cost of FTM 2024 is just $29, which is a wonderful deal.

    • Select one of the three options provided, then press the Next button.

    • Download the USB with the DVD.

    • You can see the options to add to your Family Tree Maker 2024 order when you click the Next button.

    • Simply check the box to add any order; otherwise, leave it as is and press the next button.

    • Continue doing this until the Continue button disappears.

    • Your computer screen will display the window when you click the Continue button.

    • Once you’ve checked your order, select Order Now.

    • Use the promo code “FTM2024UPGTV24” to receive a 60% discount.

    • A pop-up window requesting payment information will appear when you click the “order now” button.

    • After entering your payment information, select “Pay $29.95.” We’ll place your order.

    • Here’s an easy way to obtain Family Tree Maker 2024 for less money.


In summary, the release date of the FTM 2024 is a big step forward in software intended to facilitate research and enhance traditional genealogy methods. Whether you are a pro in genealogy or just getting started on your family history project, FTM 2024 is designed to help you tell the tales of your ancestors, meet them face-to-face, and preserve your heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have covered a brief guide to the Family Tree Maker 2024 release date and price. Below, we will cover all the frequently asked questions related to the same. These are as follows:

Why are the manufacturers withdrawing the family tree maker from the market?

No, Family Tree Maker is not ending this year. Ancestry has now phased out support for the program, but the software remains the latest version.

How about the latest development on Family Tree Maker?

The latest update for the Family Tree Maker program in 2019 is version 24.2.2, which contains added features to fix bugs and enhance user experience.

Is there a family tree maker 2023?

No, there is no version of Family Tree Maker 2023. Furthermore, FTM announced the imminent appearance of FTM 2024, allowing users to upgrade to a new version and qualify for exclusive offers.

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