How To Delete A Family Tree On Ancestry?

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Consider a family tree as a road map. Your knowledge of a place is saved on a map. When you find a new street or body of water while mapping out a town, add it to the map. Your map becomes more and more beneficial as it gets more detailed. A road on your map will eventually lead out of town, and a neighbouring town’s map may also show the same route. You may then connect your maps.

The same is valid for family trees. They store your knowledge of your family history. Furthermore, your “family map” is more likely to link to another person’s “map” the more significant it becomes. However, shared ancestors will link your family trees together rather than roads.

Ancestry DNA testing makes family trees even more valuable. They can reveal the common last names between your tree and the trees of your matches and help you understand how you relate to DNA matches.

How Can I delete a Family Tree from Ancestry?

All individuals and events associated with a deleted family tree are eliminated from Ancestry and your account. Photos, related documents, and tales not previously on the site and were copied to another member’s tree will be deleted from your account but will still be available on the website.

Until family trees are reindexed on the website, the name of a deleted family tree remains visible in search results. But all that appears when a user clicks on the tree’s name in search results is a notification that the tree has been deleted.

The following topics are covered in this content:

  • Deleting a family tree you have constructed
  • Taking down a family tree that was given to you

Deleting a family tree you have constructed.

A tree you upload or make is permanently removed from Ancestry® when you delete it. Facts or media inside your tree may still be accessible on the website if they were already there when they were added or if your tree was ever made public. When your tree is deleted, the name of the tree can show up in search results until family trees are indexed again, but clicking on the name would result in a notification stating that the tree has been removed.

  1. Click the Trees tab and choose a family tree from any Ancestry page.
  2. Click More (three dots) in the toolbar on the left, then select Tree Settings.
  3. Click the Delete your Tree link located in the lower-right corner of the Tree Settings page. A tree cannot be restored once it has been erased.
  4. Press Delete.

Taking down a family tree that was given to you

A tree that someone else shared with you won’t be erased; instead, it will just stop showing up in your list of shared trees. You won’t notify the tree owner that you took it down.

  1. Click the Trees tab and choose Create & Manage Trees from any Ancestry page.
  2. Click the Trees Shared with Me tab, which is located above the tree list.
  3. Select the “Remove from list” link to the right of a tree.
  4. Press OK.


The names and other private information of those classified as “living” are solely available to you and anyone you have invited to view your tree, even in public trees. To modify the privacy configurations:

  1. Access your family tree.
  2. Click More (three dots) in the toolbar on the left, then choose Tree Settings.
  3. Select the tab for privacy settings.
  4. Select either the Private or Public Tree.
  5. To save your changes, click Save.

See Family Tree Privacy for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get my ancestry family tree going again?

Click the Trees tab on any Ancestry page, then choose Create & Manage Trees > Create a new tree or Start a New Tree if this is your first tree.

If I terminate my account, will I lose my family tree?

Whether you have a membership or not, your trees will stay in your Ancestry account until you remove them.

Can I cut my ancestry?

A genealogy website called publishes private data online. You must complete Ancestry’s online opt-out procedure and get an email confirming your request to unsubscribe. Your account will be instantly deleted.

On 23 and Me, how can I change my family tree?

To relocate a relative inside your tree or remove them from it, select “Edit” next to the relationship label.

In Family Tree, how do I edit?

Select the individual whose details you wish to update by tapping their name on the Family screen.

This thorough guide will help you remove a family tree from Ancestry that you will find fascinating for a long time. If you need technical support, don’t hesitate to contact Family Tree Makers support. Our toll-free number is +1-781-243-4296. We are always available. Additionally, our live chat support is available to you for free assistance.

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