How To Sync Your Family Tree With Ancestry?

difference between ancestry and family tree maker

Family Tree Sync With Ancestry

If you have a tree on family tree maker and want to sync it then you have two option to do this. One is automatic and second is manual. You can set your sync options during the first time. This article will help you to learn how to sync your family tree with ancestry. Have a look how to do this.

Automatic Sync

If you set your family tree at automatic then your program will check for the difference between your family tree maker tree and your ancestry family tree both times, once your open and once you closed the program. So, if there is any difference found then it will be sent into sync process.

Manual Sync Process

Manual sync is an on-demand sync process. There are two options for syncing manually which we describe here, have a look.

Syncing From Plan Screen

  1. Open your linked tree and select plan option from the left of your program screen.
  2. Select current tree tab. Remember for family tree maker for Mac, you must open the tree that you want to sync.
  3. Click on sync now button, your family tree will start syncing.

Manual Sync From Sync Status Icon

  1. Open your family tree maker program and click on the sync status icon given to the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the sync now button from the drop-down menu and your sync will start.

This is how you can easily sync your tree with ancestry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does family tree sync with ancestry?

Yes, family tree sync with ancestry easily. You have two options to sync your family tree i.e. automatic and manually.

Can I link family tree to ancestry?

Yes, you can link family tree to ancestry. Once you link your tree between ancestry and family tree maker then you can synchronized two trees easily.

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