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Greetings, users of Family Tree Maker! We have some exciting news for you. For individuals who are creating their family tree and searching for ancestors using Family Tree Maker 2019, Mackiev is offering you a unique upgrade offer. Family Tree Maker 2024 (FTM 2024) is prepared for release, according to Mackiev.

Thus, this post is for you if you’re looking for Family Tree Maker’s most recent or updated version. We’ll cover everything there is to know about FTM 2024 in this post, including how to preorder it for less. Please read the entire article to learn everything there.

Family Tree Maker 2024: What Is It?

Family Tree Maker has several intriguing variations and was launched thirty-five years ago. According to MacKiev, the most recent version, FTM 2024, will be available soon. The most recent version, FTM 2019, offers many incredible features, as we all know. However, a new version from MacKiev will eventually be released after a long wait, and the greatest part is that it will be available for a discounted price of $29*.

How to Pre-order FTM 2024?

Kindly adhere to the instructions listed below. You have three alternatives after clicking the link. Please review the picture that follows.

  • Please choose the download option to obtain a link to download the software.
  • You will receive an email with download links for FTM 2024 as soon as the software is available.
  • You can choose the second option to receive a DVD + Link. (We advise against this option because most modern computers lack a DVD reader)
  • You can download USB + with the third option.
  • There is a download link available for each of these three alternatives.
  • Note that MacKiev needs to send the link.
  • The link will be sent to you as soon as FTM2024 is available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We hope you clarified your confusion on how to Pre-order yourself an FTM 2024. So now look at some of the frequently asked questions.

What is the price of Family Tree Maker?

The Family Tree Maker downloads for about $79.95 in the United States.

How can I create a family tree creator online for free?

All you have to do is select a family tree style, add, remove, and tweak it before creating the tree online.

What is Family Tree Maker’s place?

Though Venngage may not be your conventional genealogical tool, its data visualization features give it a creative edge over family tree creators, making it an excellent substitute.

Which Family Tree Maker version is the most recent?

Regarding the most recent version of the Family Tree Maker software, the most recent version is FTM 2019 update 24.2. 2.

You can Live Chat with our FTM Experts or call our Family Tree Makers Support Number at +1-781-243-4296 if you need assistance. You can also visit our website.

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