How to Create a TreeVault Antenna Tree?

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Do you want to create a TreeVault Antenna tree? For the guided steps, go through the page. The easy methods to develop an Antenna tree in FTM 2019 are provided here. Proceed and contact tech support for prompt assistance and a solution if you have any issues with the antenna tree.

In the Family Tree Maker, What is the Antenna Tree?

You may easily upload a replica of Family Tree Maker with the aid of Antenna Tree. It will contain items like change logs and web links that are not synchronised with Ancestry. Thus, it may be readily utilised with the FTM Connect app and TreeVault cloud services, such as emergency tree restoration.

A TreeVault antenna tree cannot replace an ancestor tree. Thus, you can update the research on the internet. As a result, you can utilise it in conjunction with Ancestry DNA and share it with others rapidly. You are also unable to share with anybody. Alternatively, you can synchronise it with Ancestry, allowing you to share the trees on other websites. Additionally, you can access and download an emergency copy of your antenna tree. You can, therefore, appropriately access the tree.

How Do You Create a TreeVault Antenna Tree in FTM 2019 for Mac?

  • Open the tree you wish to use as your Source tree in FTM 2019.
  • Proceed to step 4 if you are already logged into TreeVault. If not, click the TreeVault icon in the Plan workspace’s Current Tree tab or on the main toolbar, and then select Log in from the TreeVault Cloud Services panel.
  • After logging in with your email address and password from when you first created your TreeVault account, click Continue.
  • From the pop-up menu that appears, select Create Antenna Tree after clicking the TreeVault symbol.
  • Click on the Create Antenna Tree link in the resulting message.
  • Click Close in the notice that shows up next.

You can keep using Family Tree Maker while the data from your Source tree begins to upload in the background. The TreeVault Cloud Services panel on the Current Tree tab of the Plan workspace displays the data transfer status.

The Antenna tree is linked to the FTM Source tree after it has been created, so any modifications you make to the Source tree in Family Tree Maker will instantly update the Antenna tree as well.

How Do You Create a TreeVault Antenna Tree in FTM 2019 for Windows?

  • First, open Family Tree Maker 2019 and select the tree you wish to use as the primary or source tree.
  • If you are already logged into your TreeVault, skip step 4. If not, choose the TreeVault icon by clicking on it and then select the login option from the main toolbar.
  • Enter your login credentials to access your TreeVault account.
  • From the menu, select Create Antenna Tree.
  • Click on Create Antenna Tree after that.
  • After selecting the following button, click the close button.

Here’s how to use Family Tree Maker 2019 for Windows to create an Antenna Tree.

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