How To Make A Family Tree On Google Docs?

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Making a family tree on Google Docs is an interesting and free task. You can easily make a free family tree online if you don’t want to spend money. Google Docs tree is just like the other family trees that you create on other paid family tree maker software.

Here, we will tell you the easy steps to make a free family tree within a few minutes. So, read the full article.

Steps to Making a Family Tree on Google Docs

Please follow the instructions to make a free family tree.

  • First of all, open your browser like Google Chrome on your computer, and then click on the nine dots given to the right top corner just side to your profile picture.
  • Just scroll down and click on Google Docs.
  • As you click on the Google Docs option you will see a new Windows.
  • Open a blank document.
  • As you click on the blank document, a new window will open where you can start making your family tree.
  • To start making your free family tree go to the insert menu > drawing option.
  •  Your drawing window will open. After this go to the shape option and select your shape.
  • Place some shapes according to your family members.
  • Insert the name inside the shapes and then use lines to connect them.
  • Once you have done it. Then after this save your family tree.
  • You can choose any name of your tree for saving.

This is how you can easily make your tree on Google Docs without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make a tree in Google Docs?

Open Google Docs. Go to the drawing option and select any shape to create a family tree. Insert the names of the family members in the shapes. Connect them with the help of lines and it’s done. Click on the save button. Your family tree is ready to share.

Is there a free family tree template?

Yes, you can use FamilySearch Family Tree to get a free family tree template.

How do I start a family tree for free?

There are several softwares and websites that are free to use. You can easily use them and make your family tree. To start your family tree first, collect your family members’ information. Then use free softwares or websites. Insert the information of your family and connect them with each other. And at last, when you have done all of this, click on the save button.

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