Ancestry Media Sync Issues in FTM 2019

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One well-known genealogy program that lets users build and maintain family trees is Family Tree Maker 2019. The ability to sync family tree data with the well-known genealogical website is one of its primary features. However, some users might be experiencing problems with the appropriate uploading or syncing of documents, images, and other media with Ancestry.

Causes of Problems with Ancestry Media Sync

Family Tree Maker 2019’s Ancestry media back up and sync problems could have a number of root reasons. An internet connection that is sluggish or unreliable is a common cause of upload failures or lengthy completion times. Problems with the website itself, like server outages or maintenance, could also be the reason. Furthermore, some firewall or antivirus software may prevent some files from being uploaded, interfering with the synchronization process.

Solving Media Sync Problems

There are a few troubleshooting methods you can attempt if you’re having problems with Family Tree Maker 2019’s Ancestry media sync. Make sure your internet connection is steady and quick enough to upload files before continuing. Try moving from a wireless to a wired connection if you’re having trouble, and see if that fixes the problem. For added convenience, you may also try signing out and back in to your Ancestry account to see if it initiates a sync.

Try temporarily disabling any firewall or antivirus software to see if it fixes the problem if you’re still having problems. After you’ve finished troubleshooting, make sure to re-enable these programs because leaving them deactivated can expose your computer to security risks. You might try contacting Ancestry support for more help if none of these methods work. 

It’s possible that missing media in your file tree is the cause of your media syncing problems. You must find and connect all missing media to the ones that are already there in order to remedy this. You can start the sync procedure once you have successfully added all of the missing media again.

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