How to Move your FTM Source Tree between Two Computers?

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When moving your FTM Source tree from one computer to another using TreeVault Cloud Services, you must ensure the tree keeps updating your TreeVault Antenna tree on the other machine. This article explains how to use a USB flash drive to move your FTM Source tree between machines and reconnect it to your antenna tree.

You must first install FTM 2019 on both machines before you can properly move your tree file from one to the other. You will also need a removable storage device (such as an external hard drive, a thumb or flash drive, or a burnable CD or DVD) to transfer your file. Alternatively, it can be moved via cloud storage or a computer network.

However, utilizing a USB flash drive is the simplest way to move a tree from one machine to another. Before following the instructions below, buying one might be worthwhile.

Things to Consider Before Relocating Your Family Tree

Here are a few things to consider when transferring your family tree from one computer to another.

  1. Ensure you have FTM 2019 installed on both computers before relocating your family tree.
  2. You should upgrade your TreeVault cloud service, the second item you should be aware of.
  3. You’ll need a removable storage device, like an external hard drive, DVD, or Flash drive, to transfer the file. A computer network or cloud storage are further options.

The simplest method for moving the FTM source tree between two computers is to use a USB flash drive. Thus, if you’re prepared to relocate your family tree, carefully follow the guidelines provided.

How to Transfer an FTM Source File?

Examine the easy procedures for transferring your FTM source tree between computers.

On the first computer:

  • Launch FTM 2019 on the PC with your FTM Source tree open.
  • Before transferring, ensure you have a backup of your FTM source tree.
  • Navigate to the backup file’s location and transfer the file to your flash drive.
  • Take your flash drive out of the first PC.

On the Second computer:

Please follow the instructions below to transfer your FTM source tree to the second machine.

  • Plugging in the flash drive to the computer where you are backing up your family tree is the first thing you must do.
  • Next, transfer the backup file of your tree from the flash device to the computer drive.
  • Click the file menu while Family Tree Maker 2019 is open, then select the restore option.
  • You will be prompted to choose where to save the backup file. After making your selection, click “open.”
  • Next, click the save button to restore your tree from the backup file. From the rebuilt tree, launch a family tree creator.
  • Verify that the account you used to construct the antenna tree on the first computer is the one you are using to get into the TreeVault.
  • Select the tree by clicking on the tree browser under the view option.
  • Choose the TreeVault from the tree browser window, then press the next button.
  • To locate the FTM source tree, click the button.
  • Finally, choose the tree found in the FTM source tree column result. The FTM tree is your connected tree to the Antenna tree.

This is a quick and easy way to transfer the FTM source tree between two PCs.

Additional Instructions for Transferring your FTM Source Tree Files Across Two PCs

  • If not, when the dialog asking you to construct the antenna tree appears, click Cancel.
  • Next, log out of Tree Vault and return to the first computer by logging in with the same Tree Vault account.
  • Next, pick View, followed by Tree Browser, or click Pick Tree from the main toolbar’s far pop-up menu, followed by Tree Browser—the windows for the tree browsers open.
  • In the tree browser window, select Tree Vault Options from the left side. Next, click the “Next” button in the window’s lower right corner.
  • The FTM source tree button can then be clicked.
  • In the results for the FTM source tree column, choose your FTM tree. Ensure the tree you chose is the one you restored in step five. Please verify the location and name of the tree twice.
  • Click “use as source tree” after that.
  • Your tree becomes the FTM Source tree when linked to the Antenna tree. Your antenna tree will reflect modifications to the second computer’s new source tree.
  • The first computer’s backup FTM tree will no longer be linked to the antenna tree.

Your tree is now connected to the antenna tree and is the FTM Source Tree. Only the Antenna Tree will be affected by the modifications made to this new “Source Tree” on the second machine.

Additionally, the antenna tree will no longer be connected to the FTM tree from which you previously created a backup on the first machine.

NOTE: The “Source tree” will automatically open if you do steps 6 through 10 with an open tree, and you can close your restored tree after step 5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use two computers to utilize Family Tree Maker?

Yes, putting FTM in your house will make this task very simple. You can install FTM on up to three machines, not just two.

Is Family Tree Maker compatible with both Mac and computer?

With downloaded software, transferring FTM from PC to Mac is easy.

What is the location of Family Tree Maker’s files?

All of the data is conveniently stored by Family Tree Maker in several file kinds and is kept in the following location: C:\Users\[Name of User].

Is Family Tree Maker discontinued?

Likely, you’ve already heard that is ending its well-liked Family Tree Maker product.

Can I upgrade FTM 2017 to FTM 2019?

Yes! You can currently order an upgrade to FTM 2019 at a discounted price for returning users.

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